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Air Transportation to Puerto Rico

The airport serving the meeting is Luís Muños Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, airport code SJU. There are regular flights to/from New York, Boston, Washington DC, Florida, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Chicago. There is one non-stop to/from Los Angeles Friday-Monday. There is a non-stop to/from Madrid several days a week. I like to use this flight for European travel, because you go through custome/immigration in San Juan, which is on average no better or worse than anywhere else, but there's no worry about missing a connecting flight.

The AAS has arranged discount codes for the meeting that may lower your fare.

American Airlines
Discount Code A1299AA
+1 800 433 1790
Discount Code DPS2009
Online only

Transportation from the airport

The meeting site is located about 1 hour East of the airport.

By far the simplest transportation to the meeting is to take the hotel shuttle. The price is $34 each way. Reservations are by contacting the Hotel. They guarantee a wait of no more than 20 minutes at the airport. Return transportation is scheduled every two hours from 5 AM to 5 PM, but we can arrange more frequent departures on our peak days.

Taxis are available at the airport 24/7, but expect to pay about $100.

Rental cars are available from all of the usual agencies. Parking at the hotel is $16.01 per day plus tax. We are negotiating a special arrangement for rental cars, but that has not been completed. Driving in Puerto Rico is not for the faint of heart.

The shuttle to the Fajardo Inn is $60 per person each way. That's less than the taxi fare, but if you share with another person, it would be cheaper to take a taxi.

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